Word of the Month: Refine

Yes, it’s nine days into March and I am just getting this blog post up. February was an interesting month full of new opportunities and some serious challenges. The word of the month was “routine” and it was exactly what I worked towards. I spent most of February working from home and developing a rhythm to my daily schedule, which included working out every weekday. EVERY WEEKDAY. It was awesome!

February was also a time of professional opportunity. I was invited to be a speaker at the AMI-USA Refresher Course in Atlanta. The presentation was part of an exhilarating workshop and that appearance has led to significant subsequent opportunities. I also wrote my most read blog post ever! This was super exciting and increased traffic on my business website significantly, which lead to HACKERS! My website has been crashed for several weeks now and my girl is still working out the kinks. Thus, the nine-day-late blog post. Even with the setbacks, I met every one of my goals from last month.

Here is the two-hour workshop in full. You can see my part at 52:30.

Now, let us take a moment to explore the word for March:


DeathtoStock_Creative Community7

For me March of 2015 will be a month of reflecting on my plan and adjusting it so that it works with my life. I have signed up for a Mastermind course specifically for Mama CEO‘s and I anticipate that this group will be a huge resource of support as I continue to refine my practice and take ownership of my new venture as an entrepreneur. This is an opportunity to make mindful decisions about the direction of my business as I grow. As I develop a plan for a podcast, I will know how to focus my efforts as I move forward.

March is also an opportunity to refine my practice of balancing working from home with school closures. My daughter has spring break and I intend to find ways to continue working regularly as well as spending special time with her while I’m still someone she wants to spend her free time with. I know that won’t last for much longer.

When things get tough, or aren’t going to plan, I will tell myself that the more authentic I am, the more people will connect with me. I plan to say yes more and enjoy this journey of refinement!

A special “thank you” to Do What You Love for Life for the prompts for this blog series.


~ by vegucationmama on March 9, 2015.

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