Spreading Your Message Through Social Media

This year one of my professional goals is to ensure that I am using social media effectively as a tool for my consulting business, Bee Line Consulting, as well as for the advocacy efforts of the Colorado Montessori Association. There are so many opportunities to spread a message and share an idea through social media. One of the reasons using social media to promote your vision is because it allows people to hear the idea on their own time and terms. They don’t have to show up to a meeting or even agree to talk to anyone. An effective message is one that has a call to action that supports individuals in engaging in a way that works for them.


We are so fortunate to not have to be in the same room with people in order for them to see us and hear our messages.

Facebook has been an incredibly valuable tool for the Colorado Montessori Association. Through the use of this site we have been able to share specifically about the work of the organization, but we are also able to share research and news coverage that is aligned with our advocacy mission. Each time we post to facebook we are able to reach a wide audience and help them become better informed citizens and advocates.

Twitter is a platform that I see as useful for making connections with specific individuals or organizations. Each and every time I tweet at another account, I gain new followers. This puts me in a position to spread any message, idea, or service I have to offer to a huge audience while also making personal connections with people and important organizations all over the world.

This week I had the amazing opportunity to present on Public Policy and Advocacy at the state level at the Association Montessori International, USA conference in Atlanta. It is always incredible to connect with people in person and hear their stories and learn from them. After these in person events, staying connected and continuing to support one another is made significantly easier with social media. One-to-one contact with people all over the world is a critical component of effective advocacy. Making change happen is often a result of who you know.

What do you do to connect with your community on social media?

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~ by vegucationmama on February 15, 2015.

3 Responses to “Spreading Your Message Through Social Media”

  1. Rebecca
    You really demonstrate how you utilize social media to your advantage when advocating for children and families. How do you communicate to the children and families that do not have access to social media?

  2. I think the use of our blogs is a good way to connect with our community. This is a forum for us to be able to share our opinions as well as things that we have learned. This is also a great way if we share our blogs publicly we can connect and reach others who have the same feelings. This is something I see that you have taken advantage of and made a good resource for your early childhood views. Thanks for sharing Rebecca.

  3. I use WordPress, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest to connect the world to my passion which is designing affordable learning activities. I’m Montessori trained and hope to teach others to access and create beautiful and inexpensive materials. The autism world uses a method similar to Montessori. I hope to bridge both worlds. Please follow me back!
    Facebook: From This To That Early Learning

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