Advocacy Messages

Advocacy on behalf of children and families is central to my professional drive. Advertising is one of the most effective ways to influence public perceptions and behaviors. Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about the domestic violence prevention ads that ran during the NFL games this past season.  Today I share with you my favorite PSA’s created by the AdCouncil that have been impactful to children and families.

1.) Adoption

The AdCouncil reached out to families and gave them information and support to help them feel confident and comfortable that they can adopt a child and be successful parents, even if the child is older. As a person who was adopted at the age of 5, I feel so much compassion for adopted children and so much respect for those adults who have chosen to welcome children into their home and love them in a way that is no different from any other parental love.


2.) Learning & Attention

This clever ad helps parents understand the challenges their children face when learning and attention aren’t easy for them. Learning difficulties can be incredibly draining for children and their parents. The AdCouncil found a brilliant way to highlight this problem while providing parents with resources to address it.


3.) Getting Children Into Nature

This ad was specifically targeted to TV markets with high ratings amongst African-Americans. According to the AdCouncil, “only 37% of African-American children ages 6 to 12 participated in outdoor recreation in 2011, compared to 67% of Caucasian children in the same age range.” I believe firmly in the benefits to health, learning, and overall well-being that spending time in nature can provide for all humans. It is a worthwhile investment to encourage as many people as possible to get out and explore.


~ by vegucationmama on February 7, 2015.

2 Responses to “Advocacy Messages”

  1. Rebecca you are correct advertisement is the most effective way to influence the perception of others. The public perception on issue will be a test to see how much they take heed to the issue to change their perception or efforts to change behaviors. I will say the smart ploy in advertisements is to tie it to something that is popular or high publicized. Therefore, the advertisements during events like the Superbowl is very wise. Organizations spend several dollars on ads for their products or services but ads that promote well being of others are the ones we advocates want people to pay close attention to. For instance, during the Superbowl they had a lot ads that talking about the father parental involvement in children’s live which is very pertinent for the child. Named as Dadvertisement!

  2. Their are so many children looking to adopted.the advocacy message was powerful it reminding me why I chose why I chose to become a foster parent so I can give a child a so I can give a child a loving home.I hope in the next year or two to become adopted parent and a of child

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