Word of the Month: Routine

February is upon us, readers. This means that it is time for the second installment of the “Word of the Month” post I have promised you (and myself) for the year. But before we start in on the vision for February, let’s take a moment for a bit of accountability for January…

In January the WOM was “startup” and my efforts were focused on just that. As planned, it was a month of new beginnings and making plans and I took care of the things I needed to. I did the Betty Rocker 30-day Challenge and worked out every single day for 31 straight days, something I have NEVER done in my life! It not only felt good, but I can feel that I am fitter and stronger. I figured out the tax basics for my business but I did not make a move toward setting up a home office. I’m really struggling to amass the motivation to start another major renovation in our house. It is so exhausting and expensive. Motivation is missing from this one…


February 2015 will be a month of reinforcing established routines and developing a workable schedule. The three major steps I will take towards doing what I love in February are: setting up a Quickbooks account and learning how to use it; establishing an exercise routine that uses the home and the gym and is instigated by me instead of by a workout video arriving in my inbox every morning; and to develop and use a daily work schedule (I have been delving into the brilliance on Parrish Wilson’s website to figure this one out). The daily schedule is a big one for me. I am so good at daydreaming that days can slip away from me quickly. I must have a schedule with specific goals in order to get everything accomplished in a work day.

There are a few big things on the horizon for me this month. I will be speaking in Atlanta at the Association Montessori International annual conference in a forum on public policy and advocacy. Here on the home front I will be developing a blog content plan and learning all about Quickbooks as well as setting up a filing system for my business (the piles are just not working for me anymore). When things get tough, or aren’t going to plan, I will tell myself: “Routines become habits and good habits build success!”

Louisa May Alcott

If you want to learn more about how to put a structure to your dreams I encourage you to use the resources offered from the Do What You Love for Life team. They are brilliant!


~ by vegucationmama on February 2, 2015.

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