Word of the Month

2014 was a year of major change for me in both personal and professional capacities. One of the biggest changes for me was leaving my work as a Montessori school administrator and striking out on my own as a consultant for Montessori schools and education non-profits. (Learn more about that here.) So far, things are going pretty well and yet there is so much to do before my long game is in a place for me to really become truly successful as an entrepreneur. At the end of 2014 I made a commitment to myself that, now that I have an idea of what my business is and how to run it, I will set up infrastructure and up my game regarding how and what I offer.

Big ideas! There are SO many big ideas swirling in my mind and I can get caught up just enjoying the idea and never take action. This will not serve me. What I need is accountability. My first step was to look for resources to help me channel my big ideas into something that looked like a plan. What I landed on was the Do What You Love For Life team’s tool called the New Year’s Revolution. I used it to plan out a whole year’s worth of ideas with the realistic understanding of my finances and what will be happening in my personal life at different times of year.

Now, I am turning to my blog to hold myself accountable by sharing my plans for each month powered by the “Word of the Month” I selected in the NYR toolkit. This month’s word?


Okay, I started my business in October but now is the time to really kick it into gear. January 2015 will be a month of new beginnings and making plans. I will take care of my business by starting the process of creating a financial structure. I will take care of my business by taking care of myself. I committed to a 30-day exercise challenge and I am doing it! Every. Single. Day. I will take care of my business by giving it a sense of place. Instead of working on my laptop on any available surface in the house I will start the process of converting the spare room so that I can have an office.

When things get tough, or aren’t going to plan, I will tell myself: “Setbacks are necessary for growth.”



~ by vegucationmama on January 21, 2015.

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