Five Essential Questions

This is a little exercise that I did this year to help myself be mindful about my approach to the coming year. You can find a list of these questions and more amazing resources at Renee Trudeau‘s website. My 2015 vision board is also included in this post. The top is focused on my family/home vision. Below that on the left is focused on my career. The bottom left is my vision for myself and next to that is my marriage. Tied in with marriage and family are the visions I have for our travel experiences.  Enjoy!

2015 Vision Board

What did I learn about myself in 2014?

I learned that I really can trust myself and listen to the tiny voice inside that tells me what is “right” and what is not. My ability to feel happy and satisfied with my life is in direct proportion to my ability to listen to myself and trust my instincts and values to guide me.

I also learned that all of my hard work getting connected with my community and building a network of professional associates really has been absolutely worth the effort it took to volunteer, show up, and stay involved. Coupled with this lesson was the lesson I learned that it is okay to put myself out there and get rejected because something else that is a better fit is coming.

What do I need to embrace and celebrate from 2014?

Change and uncertainty! I am very used to controlling my environment and feeling assured of what is ahead. This year I had to let go and just trust and make my best effort towards the things I really want and it worked!

I would also like to celebrate and embrace how joyful and fun our family life has become. A focused effort to make our house a more peaceful place has had a very positive effect on all of us and I am so grateful for that.

What do I need to release and let move down the river?

The workplace I called home for so long is no longer a home for me. This causes me great sadness and great relief. It is time to let go.

Not everyone will like me. Not every situation will work out the way I expect. Nobody will see what I do or who I am in the way that I do and that is okay.

What is uniquely mine to do in 2015?

Define myself clearly as a professional. Carve out my niche and make my name. Everything I want is available to me, I just have to go for it.

Continue making my marriage the great love story of my lifetime by being open to what is possible.

What do I need to set myself up to be successful in the New Year?


I can show up fully in my marriage and my relationship with my husband. We will celebrate ten years of marriage this year and it is so critical that we keep supporting and surprising each other. I have decided to finally master the bicycle so that I can spend time riding around our beautiful city with my guy.

I can show up fully in my relationship with my daughter. I can listen to her intently when she tells me stories or talks about what interests her. I can share stories about our family so that she can understand her heritage and the hard and wonderful times her people have experienced. We can learn something new together.

I can show up fully in my work. Now that I am my own boss I have to hold myself accountable in a way that I never have before. This level of discipline is incredibly challenging, especially since I have no actual office in which to concentrate my efforts toward paid work and taking care of the details of my business. If I put my mind to it, I know that I can make big things happen for my career in the next year.

I can show up fully in my body. I can move, stretch, sleep well, moisturize, walk, and take in enough water. I can honor the signals my body sends me and listen to them. When I say “yes” it will be to food and activity that makes my mind and body feel amazing and it will be with people I love who accept me as is.

I can show up fully in my home and with my finances. I can know what is enough and I can commit to saving for the things that matter (like travel) with my husband as my partner. I can take care of my home and my family with love and attention. Grow things. Cook them. Make our home a peaceful place not just in sound but in organization and energy.

I WILL show up in 2015.


How will you show up in 2015?




~ by vegucationmama on January 4, 2015.

2 Responses to “Five Essential Questions”

  1. Rebecca I’m glad you feel that you made some professional personal growth last year. I want to be able to say the same thing this year, by increasing my involvement in community organizations that are involved in the ECE field. I hope to learn more about myself as a professional in the field and exemplify the skills of an effective advocate.

  2. I too agree with Angelika about learning more about myself especially being full time career woman, mother, wife, and student. I also want to have my daughter being more active involved in our community with implementing proper time-management.

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