The Political Will to Improve Early Childhood Systems

Early childhood systems have developed in a very grassroots, decentralized manner in the twenty-first century.
While there are federal programs such as Head Start and federal grants such as the Child Care Development Block Grant, there is really no pervasive national system for early childhood programming. This is why the work that is done on the state level is so critical.

In Colorado there are a handful or organizations dedicated to the service of children and families through early childhood systems. Some of these organizations are independent and function only in our state and some rely heavily on partnerships with national organizations. They employ a variety of effective strategies to communicate the current status of early childhood systems in Colorado as well as goals for improvement.

Here are a few of my favorite strategies:

1.) The Colorado Children’s Campaign Annual Kid’s Count Report

This report highlights a variety of information regarding how early childhood education programming, funding, health, and enrollment is performing in all 64 of Colorado’s counties. “This year’s report, “The Big Picture: Taking the Whole Child Approach to Child Well-Being” highlights issues impacting kids that overlap policy areas. The report makes connections between the Children’s Campaign’s longstanding issues areas – early childhood, health and K-12 education – with the hope that in these areas lie solutions to some of our state’s most troubling and stubborn trends.”

2.) Qualistar Colorado’s Cost of Child Care Project

This project, developed in partnership with the Women’s Foundation of Colorado and the Colorado Children’s Campaign, funded research and reporting on income, cost of living, and cost of child care for two parent and single parent households across Colorado. A selection of brief, easy-to-read, graphics help make the data clear.

3.) The Rocky Mountain Early Childhood Conference

Put on by the Early Childhood Education Association of Colorado, the Colorado AEYC, and the Denver Preschool Program, this annual conference in Denver not only offers a plethora of professional development opportunities for teachers, administrators, and owners, it is also an incubator for conversations about policy initiatives and the perspectives of the workforce.




~ by vegucationmama on November 30, 2014.

2 Responses to “The Political Will to Improve Early Childhood Systems”

  1. I glad to see that President Obama is putting early learning on the map. I also find that states play an important in promotes early learning programs in the states. I also find that we as educators need to promotes benefits of early learning to people who make the decision in our states.

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