Who am I as a communicator?

ATTENTION BLOG FOLLOWERS: This blog post is an assignment for grad school. It isn’t interesting, fun, or worthwhile for you to read. I will add a post you might actually care about here soon. Thanks!

As I said in my Application paper, I thought that this week’s assignments were bad. They didn’t make sense and the quizzes were especially poorly designed. Asking someone else to rate us on our level of anxiety and how our heart beats and body tenses seemed bizarre to me. Nobody else can really kn ow those things. I couldn’t understand why someone else would be asked to rate us on such things.

I wasn’t surprised by anything because I don’t think that any of it was useful or worthwhile. I would have been much more challenged and interested in this assignment if we had been asked to engage in a conversation with a person we knew using a list of prepared questions to guide us.

I found out that I am a moderately aggressive communicator according to the answers of my husband’s quiz. This was not surprising as the description, “you maintain a good balance between respect and consideration for others’ viewpoints, and the ability to argue fairly by attacking the facts rather than the person holding that position.” I think that this describes me quite well as a communicator. However, I don’t trust the results of the quizzes because I suspect that they were not scientifically designed.

I wish that I could say that I gained insights about communication this week, instead I just gained frustration at completing assignments that weren’t serving to grow me in any way.

~ by vegucationmama on September 28, 2014.

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