American Refugee

A message to my blog followers: This blog is one that I use for both personal thoughts as well as blogging assignments I am given in graduate school. This week I was asked to imagine that I a major disaster has struck America and my family is forced to evacuate with only three possessions and no choice about where we end up. The following blog post is my response.

As an American, the thought of being a refugee feels so distant and unreal. It is hard to understand or sympathize with those whose experiences are very different from our own. I would imagine this is why there is a general state of apathy in American culture when it comes to the plight of global refugees. This exercise was a welcome opportunity to gain perspective on how challenging it must be to be a refugee.

I frequently find myself sitting in my home feeling so pleased and grateful for it. I love my home and its quirky charm frosted with my personal style. I was surprised to realize that, while I appreciate my home and possessions a great deal, it was hard to think of three specific items that I would really want to bring with me. It put into perspective for me how much I don’t really need most of what I have. All I kept thinking is that I would want to bring my husband and daughter with me, they are what really matters.

One item that I would likely take is a ring that I wear every day. It is made of silver and opal and it belonged to my grandmother and was made for her by my great-grandfather, a jeweler. If I were only allowed to keep one item, this would be it for sure. I would bring my camera to document our refugee experience. This would be valuable information for the world and a way to remember what my family went through. Finally, I suppose I would bring a journal for sketching and writing my thoughts. This would be very important for my own mental health and wellness. I cannot imagine how stressful and emotionally draining a refugee situation would be.

For more information of global refugees and how you can give back go to:




~ by vegucationmama on March 15, 2014.

One Response to “American Refugee”

  1. I recently met someone from Syria and those same thoughts rushed through my head! It was such an eye-opening experience. I wish there was a way to change the views of our American friends.

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