Funding Early Childhood Research

It seems that our congressional leaders have developed a new past time of bringing our nation to a standstill when a budget conversation is on the table. We are in the unfortunate position of having certain members of our leadership believe that all funding that isn’t for critical government services should be cut or reduced. In the face of noisy opposition to federally funding “soft” programs like research and development I make a call for sanity in our nation’s capitol and funding for our nation’s future.

Research and development are practices that need to be widespread and well-funded in our country. This is key to a thriving economy guided by sound, informed policy. While I think research funding is necessary in a broad variety of subject matters, here I am specifically advocating for funding on early childhood research. As our policymakers continue to become increasingly interested in programming for young children, we must ensure that we have sound research to back up our policy decisions.


Not only does research benefit children and families by way of informing policy, it has broader effects as well. Medical research allows children fighting challenging diseases hope for a cure or a better existence. Also, research has shown that children who participate in research studies report positive feelings about participation and a belief that they have helped others. There are so many ways in which children and families stand to benefit from programs and policies informed by research. It is absolutely necessary that we ensure secure funding for research that benefits the children, because that benefits all of us.


~ by vegucationmama on January 25, 2014.

4 Responses to “Funding Early Childhood Research”

  1. I completely support your call for funding of all research and especially research into early childhood. What happens when you are young can affect your entire life. Making sure we are doing the best for our children is what research is all about.

  2. I enjoyed reading your post and it is very informative . Research is critical to finding cures for childhood diseases , I have a niece who just passed away 2 years ago to Mitochondrial which is a very rare disease and ongoing research is critical to finding the causes of this disease. Cassie was a healthy 16 year old and at 26 years of age passed away from the disease. Mitochondrial disease is a difficult disease to diagnose and research will someday save lives from this disease. The United Mitochondrial disease Foundation tells a lot about this disease.

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