CMA Presents David Kahn

This week, the Colorado Montessori Association brought one of the most significant influences in the Montessori world, David Kahn, to Denver for a presentation on using Montessori education as a tool for social reform. In a vibrant, engaging, and often funny lecture the audience was led on a journey through history and around the world. He shared the history of Montessori education as an equalizing tool for challenged citizens in countries on six continents starting with the legendary Casa dei Bambini in a slum in Rome in the early 1900’s.

David Kahn

The audience was engaged in a discussion regarding vulnerability and personal responsibility. David said that he believes that there is a major change coming to education and that Montessori will be a part of the reformation. This, of course, is only possible if educators from within our curriculum actively engage in public education and advocacy efforts. Montessori has an unfortunate reputation of only being for rich people and we know that this is simply not the case. The Upendo Montessori School in Tanzania and the Family Star Montessori Early Head Start program in Denver, CO are both spectacular examples of this.

At the end of the event the audience was treated to a short movie showing the incredible work Children’s Eternal Rainforest in Costa Rica. This rainforest is a roughly 55,000 acre swath of pure rainforest that is one of the longest running ecosystems on Earth, as Costa Rica did not experience an ice age. The children at a Montessori school in Sweden raised money through bake sales to make the initial purchase of land. In the video Mr. Kahn showed, high school students from a Montessori high school in the US were there studying the forest and researching topics of interest to them.

Listening to David Kahn speak left me hopeful that we can affect change that brings equity in awareness about and access to great Montessori education for families from a variety of communities, cultures, and socioeconomic statuses. Each and every one of has a responsibility to engage with our communities and do what we can to ensure that an excellent Montessori education is available to every family that wants it. Through events such as this and advocacy efforts the Colorado Montessori Association is certainly doing their part.

~ by vegucationmama on December 6, 2013.

2 Responses to “CMA Presents David Kahn”

  1. Thanks RB. I just reposted to the CMA Facebook page. Stay toasty this weekend!

  2. Thanks for sharing, every little step helps; the bake sales that you mention were a great idea. The wisdom shared by David Kahn most have been wonderful!

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