The Colorado Montessori Association

Right now is a very exciting time in my career. I am working as an administrator in a rapidly growing school carving an unusual path in our curriculum and management of the school. My time is also occupied with work consulting as a legal expert and executive coach while also volunteering on two non-profit boards. One of the most exciting things I am doing right now is working towards a Master’s of Science in Early Childhood Studies with and emphasis in Public Policy and Advocacy. I do all of this in the name of growth and keeping myself constantly challenged.


One of the boards on which I sit is the Colorado Montessori Association (CMA). I am the founding vice-president and the work I have done on behalf of this board has facilitated a significant amount of professional growth for me. I co-chair the Public Policy Committee and we have had the opportunity to engage with State Senators and our state regulators as well to help ensure that Montessori teachers and schools are kept in consideration when laws and regulations are enacted. We are currently working to stay very involved in the implementation of QRIS in our state.

CMA publishes monthly newsletters that are filled with tons of useful information. Their website also contains a blog with valuable articles. One of the best pieces of information available on the blog is an article training Montessori schools on how to get a waiver as  Colorado requires us to have one in order to have the full array of traditional materials available in our classrooms. This is something that is useful to the many Montessori schools throughout our state as it helps our teachers be empowered to faithfully implement the curriculum within which they are trained.

The Colorado Montessori Association helps me to gain insights as an educator through their newsletters as well as through the plethora of events they host throughout the year. They have had gatherings at a local teaching supply store, they have sponsored a day of professional development for administrators, and they have sponsored several speakers with great messages and inspirational visions for education. My involvement with this organization has helped me to grow significantly.



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