Building Local Connections

Working as a school administrator is isolating business. We are often caught in a daily grind of fielding questions from teachers, handling parents facing challenges, overseeing our budgets, and ensuring we are compliant with all licensing, curriculum, health, and fire regulations. Sometimes we forget to look up and breathe. One of the ways in which I have found myself able to feel as though I’m not alone in this beautiful, exhausting work I do is by becoming active in national and statewide organizations that serve my professional interests.

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One of the organizations that has become central to my work as an administrator and my presence in the education community is the Colorado Montessori Association. This is a statewide organization that also partners with the American Montessori Society and the Association Montessori International, USA to ensure that Montessori curriculum is available to families and supported by policy makers. Their mission statement reads:

The Colorado Montessori Association is a powerful voice for Montessori advocacy providing a
forum for networking and professional growth in the Montessori Community.  It is a highly functioning, evolving
professional organization, unified in its vision, respectful, purposeful and inclusive.

One of the lovely ways in which CMA keeps me professionally connected is through their monthly newsletter. The most recent issue features an article on how to faithfully implement the curriculum, information about four upcoming professional development opportunities, a letter from the president, job opportunities, classroom tips and ideas, and information on how to get involved.

Staying connected to a broader community that has local connections is a critical part of professional growth. We must be involved in a world outside ourselves in order to gain worldly context and new ideas. Whatever your profession, seek out a connection with a community that can teach you and support you. It is impossible that you will regret it.


~ by vegucationmama on November 9, 2013.

3 Responses to “Building Local Connections”

  1. Curious that you mention this.
    I’ve thought in recent weeks how isolating it can be to be a teacher. You can become all consumed with your students and parents, also balancing expectations of your co-teachers and administration. You have devotion and enthusiasm for what you are doing but, very likely, do not know much about the work state and national organizations are doing to try and advance Montessori. How I wish administrators and teachers could find more ways to support each others efforts to find time and incentive to write about their passion and speak to their wider, local communities. Thank you.

  2. I think it is amazing that you have the experience in the administration field and able to share with us. I do feel like at times administration becomes the overseers and teachers are just working and following procedure. Thanks for sharing..

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